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41 thoughts on “They cannot do that with Bitcoin. Decide-out of the printed-to-infinity fiat system.”

  1. That is a little misleading, just like mortgage loan, those printed money are all borrowed from future, if they don’t have future income to pay back the loan, then the borrower will have to default. But it does not matter since the bankruptcy law protect the borrower, so it is always risk-free for banks and enterprises to borrow, but when inflation is too high, they have to stop

  2. Don’t forget the unemployment benefits. 600 a week on top of normal ue benefits for a long damn time. If you actually want the world to get better it honestly starts with as little as the accuracy of one meme. At least try to get it right. folks would take btc more serious if lies weren’t needed to further the narrative. If it’s all it’s cracked up to be lies won’t be necessary for adoption. Thanks for reading

  3. But they can, and do do this with all crypto. Ever hear of “not your keys not your coins?” Yeah, that’s because exchanges and traders trade IOUs and futures all the time. Bitcoin has finite actual supply but infinite derivative supply… sort of just like fiat, gme shares, MBSs, you name it. If exchanges and traders weren’t “allowed” to do this (i.e., regulation), then it’s a no brainer – btc price is sure to increase over time with a pretty linear moving average. But as you can see, it’s not the case and you have to ask yourself why.

  4. Brah wot… the way you spoke… just have to assume you know less about fiat than crypto… and well in turn, know even lesss about crypto as an automatic result of knowing about neither. ????

  5. OF course they can still do it with Bitcoin. they can give you 14000 sats and give their friends multiple of that sats.

    The sats they will collect from you income tax and sales tax if in a Bitcoin economy.

    The only problem is every one can see the ledger and your sats moving in to bail out a few people who made bad bets.

  6. Bitcoin is worthless without fiat because one can’t exist without the other.

    If we all opt out of fiat then bitcoin is even worse because it’s effectively controlled by a few “whales” who are unknown and cannot be held to any scrutiny unlike the current masters of fiat.

    Systems working perfectly for the people that are in position to effect it.


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