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This may be one of the best answer to the “Not Your Keys, Not your Bitcoin” subject + belief in exchanges subject and it might truly cease the necessity for extra regulation. Right me if I am mistaken, inform me when you have a greater concept.

I’ve labored at a number of totally different centralized exchanges over time and I’ve seen some attention-grabbing practices that are supposed to reduce consumer error or the consumer change into a sufferer of a hack.

Having an EULA that claims, “We personal your crypto whether it is on our trade. You don’t personal your crypto whether it is on our trade.” will not be adequate. I’ve a greater suggestion.

The final concept: Whatever the trade, when you have a sum of crypto that’s above the minimal withdrawal limits on the trade, then the trade is obligated to provide you a notification if you log-in. This notification **is required to be displayed on display screen for 10 seconds. The consumer can not shut the notification for 10 seconds.** The notification will clearly show a message that claims, “You’ve a big quantity of crypto-assets on our trade. If you don’t withdraw these crypto-assets to your individual pockets off, then you don’t truly personal these crypto-assets, they usually could also be prone to theft by nefarious actors. We could or will not be held accountable for theft of your crypto-assets relying on the place you reside. Please learn extra info right here (insert hyperlink) about how one can safely retailer your crypto belongings and click on right here (insert hyperlink) to see examples of earlier incidents the place customers misplaced funds held on cryptocurrency exchanges.”

The proposed notification above will seem no more than as soon as each week upon consumer login and never lower than 4 occasions each month a consumer logs in. The customers of those exchanges then would not have any excuses or logical authorized recourse in the event that they lose funds on such an trade. Final however not least, I suggest that this notification would seem if a consumer has an quantity of cryptocurrency that’s above the minimal withdrawal quantity on a centralized trade.

7 thoughts on “This may be one of the best answer to the “Not Your Keys, Not your Bitcoin” subject + belief in exchanges subject and it might truly cease the necessity for extra regulation. Right me if I am mistaken, inform me when you have a greater concept.”

  1. The problem is, exchanges don’t really want to people to withdraw their coins. People withdrawing coins means there’s going to be less trading on the exchange. Less trading means less trading fees to be skimmed. It also means worse statistics for shareholder and potentially less profit from lending out funds and so on.

    Exchanges are not interested in you being sovereign user of the network. They are interested in your coins and your trading fees.

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  3. Exchange, as many stock broker, should be done by two entities: broker and custody. Broker give access to trading platform and custody company store your asset without moving it. Some broker ask you if you want earn something giving your asset as loan but it’s your choice and risk. Done

  4. So you want exchanges, which exist outside of all regulation, doing things that are completely illegal worldwide, to put a message on their platform telling users to do something that would make them less money? Not gonna happen.

    Bitcoin alone can solve this. By using bitcoin properly and holding your own keys, the disasters exchanges face become irrelevant to you.

  5. You’re over complicating it.

    Exchanges are supposed to be for making an *exchange*.

    You don’t order takeaway from a restaurant and let it sit at the restaurant for days or months at a time, hoping that at some point you’ll be able to just go in and eat it expecting the restaurant to just keep hold of it for you and not eat it themselves.

    You order it, pick it up and pay all at the same time – **taking it with you after the transaction is completed.**

    We need to drum it into people’s heads that it goes: buy bitcoin > withdraw bitcoin > chill.

    Don’t withdraw? Could be fake bitcoin. You’ll never know until you withdraw.

  6. > and not less than 4 times every month a user logs in.

    How can you even have a message appear not less than 4 times every month? This means the first 4 times a user logs in every month this message will appear because you don’t know how many times they’ll log in over the month in advance.

    Your proposal will be very annoying to experienced users.


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