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9 thoughts on “This sub has devolved into an Elon Cult.”

  1. No it hasn’t.

    It’s just full of Johnny-come-latelies with dreams of being millionaires by lunchtime, and pinning their fantasies on someone who really isn’t interested in their desires.

    That’s their fault, not his.

  2. Considering that he is the reason why doge pumped so high its not that surprising. Personally I don’t care as long as it continues to climb.

    There’s also a group that just love the memes which is awesome too

  3. There will always be a large group on the internet who believes that if the fanbase of a billionaire invades a sub, that’s equal to the entire sub changing their opinion.

    The one thing people have to consider on the internet is that around 80% of people are silent, while the small minority that is the easiest to excite is always the loudest.

    Elon Cultists exist in here, but they came with elon and they will go with elon. They don’t care about Doge, they only care about elon.

  4. Lol, yes. Why would anyone want the world’s richest man, who has a background in digital payments, who recently bought a large social media company that happens to be looking at digital payments using crypto who happens to like Doge? Must be cultists ????

    Having an actual widespread use case for Doge would be a game changer. No Kool aid required


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