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This time IS completely different

The bear market of 2022 is completely different than all earlier crypto bear markets. We are going to most definitely NOT see a repeat of occasions which occurred beforehand.

And there’s one metric that makes me assured of this perception. And that’s the virtually whole lack of capitulation from retail, and even bigger buyers.

On-chain information has proven that regardless of all the catastrophic crypto-related occasions which have occurred over the previous yr, lively pockets addresses proceed to extend. And that is the case not just for Bitcoin and Ethereum, however for dozens of L1 altcoins and layer 2 options as properly.

Persons are studying about crypto and the blockchain, and though costs have decreased, the target information suggests that almost all of each previous and new wallets are going to be holding by means of no matter catastrophe the world has in retailer.

23 thoughts on “This time IS completely different”

  1. Each time is slightly different. Right now, I unfortunately think the retail focus might be on AI and NFTs, which I believe don’t hold nearly as much value as coins, especially the way they’re being used now.

  2. I’m no genius but isnt the number of wallet always growing even in the previous bear markets? I mean it won’t go down you can’t delete a wallet. Is it growing much faster than in previous bears?

  3. It’s true that between LUNA and the different exchanges and lenders failing, the crash could have been worse all things considered. For Btc anyways, alts.. it’s a mixed bag

    And a lot of building and innovating has happened during this bear, and a lot of institutions jumped in. I’m very optimistic for the bull and the size of it. I don’t think it’s for anytime soon though.

  4. This time is quite unique. We are experiencing high inflation and the fed monetary tightening policy.

    So yeah, this situation is indeed quite unprecedented. However, we are in bear market and modt of the bear markets usually ended up the same. So to be on the safe side, i’ll just assume it would be the same until it really is different.

  5. It all depends.. On Regulation. If it doesnt come soon we will be in a world if hurt. If it does come the price will rise and big companys will take over the market..

    Yep no capitulation YET

  6. Well, I for one am not convinced! In fact, I think this bear market is going to be even worse than all the others. Why, you ask? Because I just saw a black cat walk across my keyboard and that’s always a bad sign. Plus, the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars, so you know it’s going to be a rough ride. And don’t even get me started on the fact that I burnt my toast this morning. All of these factors point to a catastrophic bear market, so I suggest you sell all of your crypto and invest in canned goods and bunker supplies. Better safe than sorry!

  7. Yea, the fact that this is the first real recession cryoto’s seen is enough to throw macrocycle trends into question even more than already would have been anyway. People a couple years ago were copy/pasting the 2017 bull market to predict a $250,000 BTC by the end of 2021, so clearly that method of prediction was already flawed even before the recession entered into the equation.

    I’m not going to be an absolute doomer about it but I’m absolutely not going to look at any data and conclude “ok, there’s no possible way it goes below X number”. Just get those low limit buys on the books and there won’t be anything to fear.


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