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This time is unquestionably completely different, however my Hopium

My tackle how this cycle is unquestionably manner completely different than earlier ones.

Proper now we now have the warfare in Ukraine, tensions in Taiwan, power disaster in Europe, historic inflation, provide chain points, governments taking part in round with their cbdc shitcoins, most first world governments getting scarily authoritarian – however right here’s what retains me going!

Possibly I’ts all pure copium and hopium, however for some purpose I don’t imagine we face a nuclear warfare or some society shattering occasion quickly, not but at the least.
( a little bit of conspiracy: it was referred to as agenda 2030 in any case )

The FTX debacle proved as soon as once more ( as if we didn’t know that ) that governments and folks in energy actually solely care about cash and energy.

Thus I imagine that crypto shall be embraced and possibly even utilized by the 1% to seize extra energy and cement it. That’s what “mass adoption” goes to appear like IMO. And there’s nothing we are able to do about that.

However, that’s the place we get our probability – we are able to try to experience the wave alongside the whales when ( and naturally if ) the costs improve. Possibly a few of us will be capable to do nicely for ourselves that manner.

I’m betting all in on my coding research and DCAing, my dream is to amass sufficient capital to go away this nation, someplace heat, someplace small and chill and much from authorities overreaching management.

I perceive that I may be delusional, possibly some extra wars will get away, possibly crypto shall be globally suffocated by governments around the globe or possibly I’ll simply be grasping and never take income…

But when so, then be it…. However for now, a optimistic outlook is required in these instances, how else will I get out of the fucking mattress within the morning!

Thanks for studying.
And, uhm… *sigh* WAGMI

14 thoughts on “This time is unquestionably completely different, however my Hopium”

  1. You’re not allowed to spell Democrat as Authoritarian on reddit

    And the 1% hates how transparent blockchain is, so they will never allow governments to approve widespread use of anything but government controlled, government regulated, fiat backed coins …

    Why have a financial system that is secure, transparent, decentralized, globally usable – the back room deals and shady bs the ultra rich do daily wouldn’t have the same negative impact on us simpletons

  2. The only way that crypto comes back to anything of it’s former glory is if deflation or disinflation returns. That’s not likely when suppliers have the upper hand. I’m surprised how many people love crypto, but don’t have a clue about macro econ.

  3. The only thing different this time, Is we have more of pessimistic population. People are latching on to the bad news when it doesn’t even really affect them. And alot of doomsdayers.

    Meanwhile I’m getting kind of tempted to grab a second job for how easy it is to get these days. Put all that money straight into crypto.


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