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Thought on cartesi (ctsi)

It’s been a few yr since there was a submit about cartesi, and I’m curious to see if anybody’s opinion has modified since then. A buddy of mine that acquired me into crypto instructed me he’s 100% invested in ctsi(appears kinda ballsy), which raised my curiosity on the undertaking. After studying the posts from a yr in the past, and searching round in any respect the current updates from them it looks as if an attention-grabbing undertaking. Is it a sport changer like my buddy appears to suppose, or simply one other group with an concept and lofty targets? I’m definitely not shilling cartesi. Simply searching for opinions on a not so extensively recognized token.

8 thoughts on “Thought on cartesi (ctsi)”

  1. I think there are better options. Last bull run they didn’t do much of anything. If your into the tech and believe they have game changing ideas/products you should invest. Otherwise look around. It’s highly unlikely they will do anything next bull cycle imo.

  2. I certainly think there are better products out there.

    Plus they ICOed with only 10% of their available tokens meaning it is owned majorly by those at the top. Which shows in its price action I think it still has a long way to go before it reaches a realistic price.

    Your friend belongs here.

  3. Even though I like the idea, they haven’t really anything to show for yet. If they manage to create an OS for blockchain and it does get adapted investing now would be the best thing. Point is, will that ever happen? Its a very large risk, even by crypto standards. Most projects that promise big things will fail miserably.

  4. Been following it for some months now.

    Amazing progress so far in this bear, testnet launched with some DApps deployed, and there’s a [thesis](https://medium.com/cartesi/application-specific-rollups-e12ed5d9de01) where the tech seems more superior than existing layer 2 platforms in terms of achieving ultimate scalability.

    I think its Blockchain OS could be a game changer, it continues to empower devs to build, offer grants & seal [partnerships](https://medium.com/cartesi/how-cartesi-is-empowering-latam-web3-communities-with-think-dev-e87cb3b5173a).

  5. When you say there’s been no post about it for a year, do you mean in this particular sub? Because Cartesi has been doing a lot, consistently, in terms of development. It’s actually one of the most active projects in this bear market.

  6. I like the project. Ctsi is on my Web3 bag along with Hnt, Dia, Ar, Dot… Personally, Cartesi’s GitHub has been a great place for me to learn about Web3 programming.

    > Is it a game changer like my friend seems to think, or just another group with an idea and lofty goals?

    Based on their latest advancements and also on the team quality (take a look at LinkedIn), I’d say it’s a very undervalued option.

    Many IT companies from the stock market (Dell, Intel, AMD, Amazon…) are already diving deep and investing in Web3. I have the feeling that if they don’t do that, there will be no future for them. So I’m kind of bullish about what Web3 crypto projects are building.


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