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To all new doges.

I see lots of people within the sub that ask “Do you suppose Doge will do that/that” or “ought to I do that/that” and the underside line is that this:

Doge is a LONG play. Like 10yr+ play. You’ve gotta have diamond arms. This isn’t a grip it and flip it coin. As in all crypto, make investments with the concept that you’re merely throwing that cash away. You’ve obtained to only fake that you just’re throwing it right into a shredder and that’s that.

I obtained into Doge as a result of I noticed the neighborhood attachment to it and I knew that it will get larger EVENTUALLY. Now, that “ultimately”is acquire a 10yr+ plan. This coin began as a joke. Then the meme era latched onto it and obtained it out of the .002 enviornment it began in. Give it time and it’ll get larger. Don’t fear in regards to the dips; purchase them and maintain.

Once more, this can be a looooooong play coin plain and easy. Overlook about getting wealthy in a single day and neglect you even have Doge. Simply maintain dropping just a few {dollars} right here, just a few {dollars} there and develop your Doge over time.

The lengthy journey to the moon takes many small steps. Earlier than you realize it, you’ll be wanting again on the earth remembering when and the place it began.

Do Solely Good On a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “To all new doges.”

  1. I agree that Dogecoin is a long play. I won’t say what time frame. But to be fair, there are traders that like dogecoin. Swing traders, day traders, etc.

    Also some people are here, some by choice, some not, for the next bull cycle.

    Then you have those who plan to never really sell all their doge, they’ll just withdraw some at a time. Maybe refill when it’s down.

    So there’s room for a variety of approaches/perspectives.


  2. I agree with your plan.
    I buy €75 worth of Doge every month, and i’m in it for the long game.
    I guess most of us are still relatively young, so we all still have got time to have Doge sit for around 10 years.
    Hell, even if you’re 50 years or older and you can spare some every month to put in Doge, it might just give you an early, or more wealthy retirement.

    i’m 29 years old myself, and there’s a reason one of my usernames on a website is myname2045. Just to remind me that, unless dogecoin goes to €40 or something, i should wait until at least 2045.

    I use the same strat for BTC, ETF, and Gold (to a lesser extend) as well


    Just remember to only buy with money you can absolutely miss!

  3. You have NO idea what you’re talking about.

    No One knows what’s going to happen with Doge…Not even you…

    Not everyone is a Hodler…some are making good money trading it…

    “A long Play?” You literally are clueless what Doge is going to do…![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


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