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Transferred from eToro Cash to Trezor ETH pockets

I am no skilled, so please forgive me if I do not get the terminology precisely proper.

Yesterday, I transferred some ETH from eToro Cash to my Trezor ETH Pockets. On the eToro finish, it reveals confirmed, and I acquired emails confirming the xfer. However it’s nonetheless not exhibiting on my Trezor.

Might it take this lengthy? or might it someway have gone to the mistaken place? I used the QR code and visually matched the quantity. Now, once I return into Trezor, the receiving deal with is completely different than it was yesterday. Does it change every day? How can I discover it?


Thanks for the assistance!

4 thoughts on “Transferred from eToro Cash to Trezor ETH pockets”

  1. Did you check if you were on the correct network, and did you check your trezor’s address balance on a Block explorer?

    It could be that you sent it to the wrong address, or on the wrong network (hopefully not)

    Also, this is another thing to consider, but if you copied your receiving address from Trezor suite into etoro and you didn’t receive it, your PC might have a clipboard hijacker

  2. Hi, if you don’t see the used receiving address in your wallet, you won’t be able to see the transaction there, as you are apparently in a wrong wallet.

    Try using this tool: https://findeth.io/
    Search for the address you can’t find. Enter the address there, connect your Trezor and let the website scan all the derivation paths associated with the keys that are in Trezor. Let us know about the results of the search, please.
    I would also suggest contacting our Support team.


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