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They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

7 thoughts on “Unable to achieve entry to account…”

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  2. Hi, u/Tayriva! There are several reasons why a review could take longer than expected, but we’d be glad to check what happened to your case. Please provide us your case number, and we’ll investigate. Thanks!

  3. I lost my seed to my Authenticator and my Coinbase account. It took a full 3 weeks (maybe 4 weeks) to regain full access to my account.

    I don’t know why you were told a couple days by Coinbase Support, that seems a little quick.

    It is VERY stressful, but remain calm, you will get your account back.

  4. UPDATE: Posting here for anyone else trying to gain access.

    I have access to my account again and I have changed my 2fa and changed it around a lot to be safer for myself just in case my number changes again.

    Coinbase support has been helpful since this post on Reddit


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