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Underneath 18 trade / pockets

Hello all I’m underneath the impression underneath 18s can’t arrange an account on exchanges however is there a authorized age in proudly owning a Bitcoin pockets. I need to begin paying my children pocket cash partly in Bitcoin. If I purchase it on crypto.com and ship it to their wallets. Would that every one be legit? Thanks

5 thoughts on “Underneath 18 trade / pockets”

  1. > is there a legal age in owning a Bitcoin wallet.

    You’ll have to check your country’s laws. But in most countries it’s not illegal to download software.

  2. A Bitcoin wallet is a software that does not care how old are you. You can use it regardless of age. If something claims to be a Bitcoin wallet but asks you to register or asks you about your age, it is not a Bitcoin wallet. It likely is some kind of service, perhaps even custodial, and you want to avoid that no matter your age.

    Exchanges are different story. Most of exchanges are centralized regulated services that will ask your age. Some of those, however, allow you to operate without providing your details, but your account will be limited. Usually withdrawal amount will be much lower than for verified users. However, I do not know about any centralized regulated exchange that allows you to deposit FIAT and exchange it without verification.

    So then you go with decentralized exchanges, such as Bisq. Or you can buy from your local dealer (you can find some of those on Localbitcoins or similar sites). There you can use fiat, at least with some providers, even if you are below whatever age is the limit in your country.


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