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Vendor Review- AuntyMaria (GG4 1 oz)

Vendor Details Product Details

Market: DeeDee, I did Deedee cuz I have ordered from Aunty a couple times before and never had any issues with direct deals; for newbies I recommend escrow protection on marketplace (Aunty is available on some market go research this if you want)

Vendor Name: /u/AuntyMaria

Escrow Listing: 25G GG4 (But Aunty sent 27G as always, slightly overweight to compensate for the stems)

Price: 250$, no separate shipping charge

Quality (1-10): 9

Customer Service Shipping / Stealth

Clear Sales Terms: Yes

PM Response Time: About once a day, in my case this was sufficient for a quick turnaround

Easy to work with: Absolutely

Accepted / Shipped times: Good, 5 DD from first message to doorstep to T1 city

Printed shipping label: Yes

Stealth (Please be vague): Its ok for Domestic, no smell leak. I haven’t had any issues till now but other vendors do try harder in this department

Product Pictures and description



Personal experience / thoughts on product and order

So this one is a bit confusing because it is very subjective how much a customer will enjoy this purchase. The bud is outdoor grown and does not have the aesthetic appeal that we are used to with premium Cali Indoors. When it comes to smoking experience the high is very strong and the taste is good, but just a little below Cali indoors levels. You can see in the pics that the buds are a little dark/dull and a bit stemmy but they are bombed with trichomes.

But at a price point that is less than half of the Cali Indoors I find myself asking whether I would rather have 2 oz of this or 1 oz of those for the same money; I would be much happier with 2oz of this.

If you are a connoisseur and want only the best bud available then look elsewhere, but when it comes to value for money I would give this an easy 12/10. Aunty’s price to quality ratio is unreal and I hope that this vendor can manage to have a more constant and stable supply in the future

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