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Viewpoint from Bears

To all of the the Bitcoin Bears,

I am questioning why 16k would not be degree to build up some bitcoin.

I am bullish long run on Bitcoin and I perceive that it will probably go a lot decrease than that. My standpoint is that long run it will not make a giant distinction coming into proper now or look forward to perhaps decrease costs if they arrive. I see rather more upside than draw back at these ranges.

So my query is straightforward. Why should not we purchase at 16K?

I simply need to get some completely different level of views.

9 thoughts on “Viewpoint from Bears”

  1. I generally agree with the sentiment but the idea there’s no noticeable difference is laughable. Even retracing back to the 70k high, buying now would be a 4.2x, buying at 14k would be a 5x, and buying at 12k would be a 5.8x. It’s definitely not nothing.

  2. I’m not a bear but the general thesis is that it’s always going to go lower. So if you think it’s going to 10k why would you go all in at 16k .

    So it depends on how bearish you are. There are bears calling for a 3k bottom and if it goes to 3k then they will have new bearish prediction that’s even lower.

  3. > Why shouldn’t we buy at 16K?

    The only reason not to buy at the $16K is to be sure, that you can buy lower.

    But of course, nobody can be sure.

    That’s why we bought at $20K, we bought at $15K right after the FTX shitstorm and we keep buying.

    Now, if the price goes to $40K, I may think of buying less. But still not sure. I ‘d still think it’s an amazing asset at discount.

  4. 2 things keep me out of Bitcoin even at these seemingly low levels. First, before inflation hit, I heard a lot that Bitcoin would be a great way to protect investment portfolios against inflation. To this point Bitcoin has actually done the opposite and tanked in value as inflation spiked. Second, I have trouble envisioning a future of mass adoption in which people entrust there life savings on whether they can remember a password or not. Too many bitcoins have already been permanently lost because of carelessness. That’s just honestly what runs through my head anytime I think about jumping in now.


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