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Virginia governor kills Ford-CATL battery plant, calling it a “front for the Chinese Communist Party”

The death of Ford-CATL Battery Plant in Virginia

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, has canceled the Ford-CATL battery plant set to winter in Henrico, Virginia. Governor Northam called it a “front for the Chinese Communist Party”, and added that the plant would have too many potential security risks involved if it were to remain in Virginia.

Ford-CATL: Another Plant in the Province

Ford-CATL had looked to build a $500 million battery plant in Henrico. This plant was one of several that the Chinese government-backed electric-vehicle maker had planned for Keystone State, which included other factories in various locations. This was part of the Chinese push to become a major player in the electric-vehicle battery market.

What Did the Governor Have to Say?

Governor Northam was vocally against the construction of the plant, saying that it was a “front for the Chinese Communist Party” and calling the security risks posed by the plant “too great for comfort.” This ultimately led to him deciding to kill the plant, much to the dismay of local Virginia politicians who had hoped for the jobs and tax revenue the plant would bring to their area.

The Industrial Scene in Virginia

The electric-vehicle battery industry is a booming one in Virginia, with other facilities like LG Chem’s and DuPont’s battery-manufacturing presence in the state. These companies, among others, are looking to capitalize on the influx of EV battery production business in the province, in light of EVs becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and abroad.

Furthermore, Virginia is looking to become a leader in the EV battery production industry. The state is aiming to attract more battery production jobs and become a major player in the industry.


In conclusion, the death of Ford-CATL battery plant in Virginia is a major blow to Chinese presence in the U.S. EV industry, while also providing more opportunities for U.S. EV companies. Virginia is looking to capitalize on this opportunity and become a major player in the EV battery market, while also keeping safety and security a priority in the potential presence of Chinese businesses.

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