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16 thoughts on “Vitalik Buterin Will Assist Binance Show Its Reserves, CZ Says”

  1. VB was very disappointed with what happened to FTX so its logical that he will help create a protocol to ensure that such fiasco does not happen again. Binance will just be the ‘guinea pig’ for the protocol.

  2. tldr; Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has confirmed that Vitalik Buterin will create a “proof-of-reserves” protocol that will initially be tested by Binance. Zhao also said that all crypto exchanges are “inherently quite risky businesses.” He added that Binance operates in a different way to FTX.

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  3. Who cares about “reserves” we wanna see complete balance sheets with assets and liabilities as well. Too much CZ and Binance Shilling on this subreddit. Getting pathetic. No exchange is trust-worthy, bottom line.


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