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All other sites are scams – especially be wary of:

benumbs.cards & bennumb.cards & bennumbs.cards & benumb.cc & many more…

(it can be hard to notice the S and extra N if not careful.) 

Welcome to the real deal. 

Please bookmark this link — the other sites have simply copy/pasted our html and don’t actually have any cards to sell. 

They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

Buying bitcoin is actually easier than most people think. And you can do it without requiring ID. Here’s how: 

Step 1. Create an account on https://agoradesk.com, which is a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform, meaning you trade with other people, not an exchange. 

Step 2. On the buy page, click the “All online offers” button at the top  and read the list of payment methods accepted. Find one that you use, or make a cashapp (for example).

Step 3: Choose someone to trade with, and click “buy”. They will provide you with their payment ID, cashtag, etc. Send the amount of the trade to that account, and once you do, they will finalize.

4. The crypto is now in your on-site wallet. You can send it to your software wallet or straight to benumb If you would like. 

5. All done. 

You must deposit 0.0037 BTC or more to activate your account. You may top up to the same address if you did not send enough.

You will be able to use this deposit on cards. 


Benumb Wallet Balance


+$50 promotional credit upon activation

Last Synced: December 6, 2023 5:57 am

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Deposits into your market wallet will appear after reaching 2 confirmations on the network. 

This typically takes 15 minutes for Bitcoin and 30 minutes for Monero.