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What adjustments will AGI (AI) do to crypto?

So it looks as if we’re getting fairly near AGI. Like primarily based on researchers it appears we’re lower than 5 years to getting some semi-AGI.

It’s thought once we hit this stage we’ll see new medication, higher buildings, new materials coming from materials science, coders will not actually be wanted, and so forth.


We’re already seeing a few of these issues as we speak. Like faculty stage college students utilizing AI to jot down their papers and academics cannot inform the distinction, medical researchers made new meds and located new issues, low stage code help happening and Google even upping their AI to assist change quite a lot of staff, and so forth.


Here’s what I am questioning.

1. I ponder how AI will change good contracts (like if it’s going to discover we’re underusing them and possibly higher methods we may very well be utilizing them)
2. I ponder if AI may very well be used to assist discover scams
3. If we will have a CEX absolutely run and managed by an AI. This taking away a big probability of corruption.
4. If it’s going to make good contracts safer. Like they don’t seem to be consumer pleasant in any respect, and other people can simply get scammed by signing a nasty contract. And issues like Ledger many instances you must signal the contract blind.


12 thoughts on “What adjustments will AGI (AI) do to crypto?”

  1. My opinion –

    Invention of AGI is a singularity event. A singularity is something where all existing rules get broken. No one can actually predict what happens after the first AGI is created. It’s not just related to crypto.

    The things that you are suggesting can be done through automation and some of the things are already being done through smart contracts. That’s how defi exchanges can be run.

    PS – Good luck with connecting an AGI with the internet to be able to run a CeX. No one knows what an AGI will do once it gets access to the internet but we do have plenty of Hollywood movies about it lol.

  2. AGI probably wrote the bitcoin white paper. If AGI exists, it wont tell you. 99.999% of the human population does not and or will not know for a fact that AGI exists.

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

  3. >3. If we can have a CEX fully run and controlled by an AI. This taking away a large chance of corruption.

    plot twist: AI will realize how many people leave their crypto on the CEX and starts operation Bankman-Fried

  4. >I wonder how AI will change smart contracts (like if it will find we are underusing them and maybe better ways we could be using them)

    I don’t think we’re there yet. Who would rely on such a smart contract and how do you train this AI?

  5. AI and blockchain is an extremely new concept and honestly idk what’s the potential. That said I know that Chainlink hired the man go managed the google tensor project and Eric Smicht (Google’s former CEO) who is also deep into AI tech, but idk what is being done


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