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What are the Do Kwon crimes?

I imply, persons are evaluating Do Kwon to SBF however I dont suppose they’re the identical.

Terra Luna earlier than the catastrophic failure was very sucessful, would you destroy a multibillion greenback enterprise to rip-off everyone? It doesnt make sense.

SBF clearly did legal issues with clients funds, Luna was not an trade! Terra was a really promising crypto platform, nothing alike holding individuals’s money in hostage promising its protected.

I actually dont know however Do Kwon from my perspective, made a severe mistake or decide his personal abilities manner greater than truly he was.

18 thoughts on “What are the Do Kwon crimes?”

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  2. Supposedly Know knew his creation was about to crash, cashed out beforehand and denied everything.
    Said everybody not to worry that things would be fine and then disappeared for a while when things got shot down to oblivion.

  3. I think Terra Luna was a honest failure. However it looks like Do Kwon noticed early what would happen, cashed out, let his friends cash out, and some think this might have even caused the collapse.

    However I agree that SBF was more criminal here – the funds he used to gamble were never his to begin with. To those arguing with “fractional reserve banking” now – FTX was an exchange, and not a bank. They were never allowed to even touch their customers funds.

  4. There are a lot of allegations of backroom wheeling and dealing that, if true, implicates him in committing fraud. For example, allegedly he got Jump to restore the UST peg in May 2021 via an undisclosed bailout while he proclaimed the peg was restored organically via the algorithm. A lot of people based their investment on that being an organic event that showed the system worked.

    Also stuff like him not disclosing that he was the creator of Basis Cash, another failed algo stablecoin project, is very sketchy.

  5. The public arrest warrant lists “financial crimes”.

    They have not publicly announced them. It is likely something to fraud related to record keeping and false statements.


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