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What blew your thoughts about Cryptos in 2022?

What got here as a single largest bombshell revelation to you about Cryptos in 2022? This 12 months is coming to a detailed and should you needed to decide one factor about this business that got here as a completely fucking shock, what was it? Don’t inform me you didn’t anticipate it to crash prefer it did. Or did you actually assume SBF was an altruistic robinhood? Possibly you didn’t assume somebody might run a Kwonzi scheme and never get caught?

However, possibly you performed the markets and also you had an upside shock that, properly, blew your thoughts? Was there even a token that didn’t crash?

There needs to be one thing you completely didn’t anticipate. What was it?

32 thoughts on “What blew your thoughts about Cryptos in 2022?”

  1. What blows my mind is how gullible people are. Unfortunately we sometimes believe people based on their image instead of doing our homework.

    FTX setting up shop in the Bahamas would have been a red flag.

    Binance messing around with their reserves.

    Let’s stop believing the rich and do our homework on projects and/or exchanges.

  2. It was interesting to see how the sector changed with interest rates. I don’t image it will have a somewhat inverse relationship forever, but it’s been complicated to pull apart different things that could affect the sector from general bad stuff (ie. war is bad for the markets, but Terra/Luna is specifically bad for crypto).

    I wasn’t really one to think crypto was a hedge against inflation, but the response to rising interest rates seems to be inversely correlated; however, it’s hard to pull apart the threads with the mess this year had been. It seems like the biggest mover of crypto is whales, and those are people with self-serving interests.

  3. What amazed me was how fragile the crypto card house was/is and how much it has adopted greedy assholls.. Atleast McAfee was just a personality hate of love him. And he pulled quick scams McAfee coin skycoin forgot the rest.. But these money people they build scam companys. Drag respected people in and dont care a damm thing..

    Yep crypto has changed..

    Its becoming a money grabbing leg of the financial world.

    Maybe max was right. Maybe btc is the only right path..


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