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What did crypto taught you?

I do know it’s a painful and tough time since final ATH and even worse now with all of the blows that occurred. There are sufficient posts about that.

My query is: What did your be taught due to crypto that you should use past the crypto investments?

I personally have discovered loads.

Macro: I’ve discovered loads about Macroeconomics and it’s significance.

Constructing conviction: The extra information I had a couple of particular funding, extra conviction I might construct.

Make investments time earlier than cash: If I had studied earlier than placing my cash in life I might have averted 50% of my losses.

Psychological resilience: seeing my cash bleed and never caring a lot ( I’m not a dealer. So my positions are long run). Maintaining mentally wholesome and doing my different actual life duties (work, fitness center, consuming good, sleeping effectively).

The record might go on, however my level is: crypto might go 0 that it might nonetheless be price to me. As a result of the information I acquired will assist me in life, principally once I begin my very own firm. Skinny about it like paid course that taught me loads, I simply don’t have a peace of paper to point out off on my wall (diploma).

I’m often not the man individuals name “optimistic man”. I are usually pessimist (or lifelike). However I do see a really optimistic influence on my life due to crypto. I feel it is best to see this as effectively. There’s nonetheless time “to make it”. No I don’t suppose “all of us gonna make it”. However I do suppose that we’ll have extra possibilities if we hold finding out, hold up to date with the information and purchase solely what you perceive deeply. I’m additionally personally investing more cash on myself and into constructing my very own firm. However I don’t intend to cease investing or finding out crypto, it turned my interest.

43 thoughts on “What did crypto taught you?”

  1. Crypto taught me a ton about personal finance and various investing strategies like DCA, don’t be afraid to invest more than you’re willing to lose, some basic TA, etc. However, the most important thing I’ve learned is that most people are lazy and greedy and will do absolutely anything to earn a buck or two.

  2. Mostly human and society behavior, patience for myself, understanding the technology behind it and no go full ape mode on every shill.

    Tho I think I haven’t made any bad decisions yet.
    This bear market will definitely proof it.

    Edit: spelling mistakes.

  3. I cashed out in 2017 during the old peak.

    Why? Didn’t like the growing hype or the issues of trading platforms (crashed during volatility) I also realized the issue of keys and storage.

    crypto was for tech nerds originally and slowly became a pitch from used car salesman and football players. When granny and aunties started pitching crypto during Christmas 2017 dinner… I was like “fuck this” and sold.

    This week I learned to never doubt my intuition.

  4. to not trust anyone and make my own research, also crypto the majority of of crypto community is heavily biased and if you disagree or have any doubt about a certain action or a path a crypto coin follows the answer is “sell and go away”.

  5. Excellent observations.
    I also learned a lot from cryptocurrencies, especially working within companies like Telos.
    Surely studying before investing is essential, especially on new projects.
    Prepare a plan before going into investments.
    Learn to manage your money and defend it


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