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What Drives You to Convert DCA to BTC?What motivates to you to continue to DCA into BTC?

I’m a long-term investor in Bitcoin and I’m looking for ways to increase my holdings. I’ve heard about dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into Bitcoin and I’m interested in learning more about it. What motivates me to continue to DCA into Bitcoin is the potential for long-term growth. I’m confident that Bitcoin will continue to increase in value over time, and DCA is a great way to take advantage of that. I also like the idea of spreading out my investments over time, so I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket. DCA is a great way to do that.

28 thoughts on “What Drives You to Convert DCA to BTC?What motivates to you to continue to DCA into BTC?”

  1. 1 – Every big currency is a weak currency (printer goes brrrrrr) since we parted ways with gold standard
    2 – every transaction is mediated by a third party (which is the one that goes brrrrr)
    3 – fiat value can be lower at will by governaments and banks (see venezuela and bolivia)

    BTC is a starting point to fix this

  2. Number one reason is:

    Fiat is fucked. I do not see any legitimate alternatives aside from bitcoin. And the fiat games being played now are in no way sustainable.

    Worried about bitcoin’s speculative characteristics? What about the speculative aspects of fiat? Sentiment towards it is worsening.

  3. I don’t DCA anymore. I bought what I could afford to lose in 2016-17. I sold enough to get out my initial investment in 2021, now I’m HODLing, waiting sell a small amount for gains when I need it.

    But I loved Andreas Antonopoulos. He was the most well rehearsed ambassador for bitcoin in my days of learning. Michael Saylor has some well researched videos as well. But he is different from Andreas. Andreas didn’t have much to lose because he didn’t have much bitcoin. Somebody finally donated a bunch to him later. But Michael Saylor is way over invested in Bitcoin IMO.

  4. If you think it’s speculative then go back to reading and learning. Bitcoin at any price is way more scarce than gold. The mob has to figure this out. When it does it will change consensus from speculative to best investment of mankind. We are just early.
    You can learn more and grab your advantage of lifetime as you are already here while whole world isnt

  5. It’s interesting how you ask about who to study/follow and it just sounds normal. We all know what you’re talking about. Sometimes I think too much bitcoin hype is just people getting enamored with influencers and youtubers. Like normies do that with other things, and we do it with bitcoin.

    I’m not saying bitcoin isn’t amazing and worth hyping, but I feel a lot of people are in it for just these kind of tribal normie influencer number go up reasons.

  6. Most replies you’ll get will be related to how BTC will overtake fiat one day and how the current dogma is corrupt and needs a reset. That might very well be true, or it might not. But the honest answer you probably won’t find floating around too much is – We’re all looking to get filthy rich in here.

    Any person with an affection for money that sees [this](https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fg8a1bzgf6eob1.jpg) chart, recognises the opportunity to capitalize on these huge volatile swings. Which is what most people are trying to do in here, although it might not be words that are too popularly uttered.

  7. Almost every genuinely smart person sees the use case and advantages of BTC/crypto, even without the investment aspect. Crypto will continue to be useful, there is no doubt. As far as investments go, the charts are pretty cyclical.

  8. One is insurance policy, the way that the current financial system is set up and the amount of debt in the system, it is certainty that the system will fail. BTC is only viable option i can see.

    second is that I morally don’t think government needs to control money. A lot of evil things are funded by printing. I want live in a better world.

  9. I think I understand enough to know that the fundamentals of Bitcoin are not speculative. The only speculation is to think that others will see it too. But then there is enough smart people on the planet especially those with money.


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