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What hardware wallet are you using after the fallout with Ledger?

42 thoughts on “What hardware wallet are you using after the fallout with Ledger?”

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  2. ColdCard or SeedSigner are the only options that should be considered…. Maybe the Blockstream Jade, too.

    It MUST be open source, or you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

  3. My guy, two words: Gnosis Safe, it’s a SC Wallet, used by the man himself, Vitalik G. It’s the safest bet in the space right now, you can even use your ledger as a signatory for it, use at least 3 sig keys, one or two can be on HW and another one on a Hot wallet (software wallet) and there’s no problem at all… so you use 2 to sig TX and the other one is as backup if you lose one of the 2 sigs, so it would be a HW + Hot wallet for regular TX and keep the other key sig in an hidden HW. For day to day DeFi use a hot wallet, just transfer the amounts you need for the day, and then transfer all back to the Gnosis safe wallet. Your main cold wallet should never touch any DeFi stuff… that’s my OPSEC, I’ve never been hacked, exploited, scammed, lost any tokens to a CEX or protocol, you name it, never happened to me, I find it crazy how all that have happened to a lot of you…

  4. As others have said I think you’re freaking out about nothing. To even get the encrypted fragments of your secret key out of your Ledger someone would need to have the Ledger device and your pin, which would give access to your wallets anyway.

    I don’t plan to use Ledger Recover, but I can absolutely see why it’s useful for some people.

  5. Since no one mentioned it, I will.

    BC Vault.

    Most advanced and secure in my honest opinion. Each one is ship with a locked bitcoin, if cracked it is yours. As a way to show their commitment and confident in their security.


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