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What must occur so that you can promote and capitulate??

For these bullish on cryptocurrency, what must occur so that you can promote and capitulate?

I’m a crypto bull with most of my crypto on a chilly storage {hardware} pockets, so I used to be shocked with the FTX scenario final week, however was capable of finally shrug it off. It might me marvel, what must occur so that you can promote and quit?

What involves thoughts could be if coinbase went stomach up because it’s the most important publicly traded cryptocurrency alternate aware of at the least some regulation. I really feel like if coinbase goes underneath than no alternate is secure sufficient.

Or possibly if the bitcoin blockchain acquired hacked?
I can’t inform if the U.S. authorities banning crypto could be the time to promote every little thing or make a stronger case for proudly owning crypto

32 thoughts on “What must occur so that you can promote and capitulate??”

  1. I had crypto stolen from my wallet.

    I am uncharacteristically technologically challenged so I had safety measures in place to avoid this.

    The loss was not a dent however it was enough to make me believe in regulation. It led me to believe that the moment others see how vulnerable to theft crypto is, they’ll leave as well.

    Exited my positions and went into stable assets.

  2. You should not be bullish on cryptocurrency. You should be bullish on Bitcoin only.

    You should not give a damn if coinbase went belly up, eventually all companies collapse.

    Edit: I forgot: Bitcoin is virtually unhackable. You got a ton of hours of research before you…

  3. I only buy with money I know I won’t need for 10+ years so unless I go broke and can’t get money any other way, I suppose I would have to sell, however I safeguard myself against that ever happening.

  4. I would sell a particular coin if I felt the tokenomics had shifted such that I didn’t believe it would be recoverable. For bitcoin the main thing I’m on the lookout for is what happens as the block subsidy (defense budget) shrinks every 4 years. Will we maintain enough hash power from just transaction fees to sustain the necessary hashpower to secure the network? If it appears that it is unsustainable. I will sell.

  5. Let me get this straight….you’re a “crypto bull”, and you gave a shit about FTX?

    I’ve been in Bitcoin since early 2013 and had to read a bit to remind myself who the fuck this snot nosed SBF kid was.

    IDGAF about it at all. I’ve seen so many of these “flashes in the pan” go down over the past almost ten years. Just another “crypto is dead” story to me.

    I’m buying….every day I can.

  6. The only real reason to sell BTC is that you are running low on fiat.

    I think most people who truly understand BTC know that once widespread adoption occurs like the transition from cash to credit, BTC wont need to be sold or bought at all.

  7. Nothing….. and I mean that. I’ve thought about this a lot. Family taken hostage, gun to my head…. still nothing. Nothing will make me sell. I either die with my Bitcoin, or hold on to it for my retirement in 30 years.

  8. Bitcoin’s ultimate long-term value is independent of any CEX. Why the f—- would I stop using this revolutionary Bitcoin peer-to-peer payment network just because some CEX went belly up?

    There’s no way in Hell I would contemplate selling or stop using Bitcoin payment network because some Corporate entity or CEX went under, or because a bunch of “naive” people (to put it nicely) were defrauded.

    The only way I would ever stop using this revolutionary payment network is if some unpatchable flaw was discovered or something new came out that really did supersede it and was superior to it.

    If such a day ever comes and we see all the Bitcoin metrics falling, hash rate down, active wallets and transactions down, price of BTC down, and so on for a long time to from a longer term trend and not just a volatile “flash crash”, and there is a macro reason why: like some futuristic technology that is superior to Bitcoin sees massive increases in wallers, activity, and so on, and that is something that is a prolonged trend that has withstood the test of time and is a future technology that solves all the problems Bitcoin solves but more and is superior to Bitcoin in so many ways, then and only then would I think about using such a payment network over Bitcoin, and once I see muself and everyone else who actually uses these networks and doesn’t just “hodl” stop using Bitcoin and migrate to something else, that is when I’d contemplate “capitulation”.

    There’s no way I see that happening any time soon though. Even a Bitcoin clone that improves on a couple things is far behind the curve in terms of decentralization and the network effects Bitcoin has, plus Bitcoin having been out there for so long means it was audited in the real world in a way that is so vastly superior to anything new, that it would be hard to trust anything new that *appears* to be very secure really is with any certainty.

  9. I paperhanded years ago and regretted it. When I started buying crypto again I made the choice to hold it until I die and DCA weekly. It takes the pressure off. If it goes to zero then it’ll be just one more thing I’ve thrown money away on. Oh well.

  10. Imagine the worst possible scenario:

    Contagion is so bad that btc falls under 3k while interest rates keep rising, other exchanges go bust, miners go bust and turn into forced sellers, Saylor need to add more collateral, $MSTR get annihilated, $COIN declare bankruptcy

    BTC keep falling under 1500$, margin calls after margin call all the leverage is liquidated.

    98% of the shitcoins go to zero.

    The industry is in shock, new very restrictive regulations get proposed. Years after year and “crypto” seems not a thing anymore.

    Mining becomes an hobbyist thing again as the difficulty adjustment plummets.

    Then people realise Bitcoin keeps going, block after block. The ledger hasn’t been affected, nodes are still active all around the world. Number of whole coiners all time high.

    Maybe Bitcoin is not crypto.

    People start realising that bitcoin is a mathematical discovery. It can’t fail. It can’t be killed. New start up ditch the crypto mania and start building on the only immutable ledger that matters

    1 BTC = 1 BTC


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