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What % of your paycheck do you DCA into Bitcoin?

32 thoughts on “What % of your paycheck do you DCA into Bitcoin?”

  1. Whatever percent is left over after I’ve paid all my bills
    Once wallstreet has skin in the game we’ll be quickly priced out of buying any substantial amount of Bitcoin forever. I’m scooping up as much as possible before the ETF is approved. Things will move quickly after that

  2. What are you email addresses so I can start phishing you guys and hacking your email accounts for other useful information? Nvm I’ll just look for Reddit data leaks.

    jk of course. Stay safe people!

  3. I pay rent and bills. Everything else goes to DCA. I leave $100-150 balance because that’s the minimum balance required to be held in my account without being charged.

    I haven’t eaten out in years, bought new clothes or really anything leisure.


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