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What token will get listed by a serious alternate subsequent?

What token will get listed by a serious alternate subsequent?


22 thoughts on “What token will get listed by a serious alternate subsequent?”

  1. Shitcoin $stc low marketcap, creators id is on website/ doxed/ and deflationary.. doesn’t make false promises embraces being a shitcoin. Almost 3k holders don’t miss out 💩💪

  2. Telcoin to the moon. But it has its own exchange and everyone has self custody and it has passed all regulatory approvals to work in every country it has applied for. When word gets around and the fully release the Telcoin network with telco partners……….. it will blow past the moon.

  3. I really liked the new WBT exchange token from the WhiteBIT exchange

    there were doubts, but I personally decided to take a chance and was satisfied with the exchange

  4. I am waiting for the WhiteBIT token to get listed on more markets – I invested a lot in it and we need more demand on it so price can moon


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