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What’s greatest free self custody pockets?

What the title says… i dont need a {hardware} pockets. I need one thing that i can get immediately and is free. So a self custody pockets that i can use as chilly pockets can be good.

10 thoughts on “What’s greatest free self custody pockets?”

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  2. Sparrow wallet probably. You can run it on just about any computer.

    Allegedly bitcoin core version 24 will come with an upgraded wallet over the one it’s had for a decade. But sparrow, should be fine.

  3. Its kind of a hassle but you can use two devices.

    One clean for signing transactions and a watch only on your regular computer..

    You you can use a bootable linux on a flash drive and use sparrow or electrum in that.

    Or just use your regular computer and be careful.

    Whatever you do. Check the signing keys, hashes, signatures that come with the download.

    And verify they are correct with at least 1 other source.

    And always verify the addresses you copy and paste. Every time.

    Dont trust. Verify.

    Anything over 1k and get a hardware wallet.


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