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Whats the best small time crypto challenge you realize of?

As a small time crypto challenge fanatic/ designer (i designed a crypto sport known as proof of treasure) – I used to be considering what different small time cool/ only for enjoyable/ indie crypto initiatives are on the market?

What cool small time issues have you ever guys come throughout?

11 thoughts on “Whats the best small time crypto challenge you realize of?”

  1. My all time favorite crypto is NANO, simple, extremely fast and feeless. (Not a shill, I no longer hold it) I used to have fun sending it back and forth with a buddy whole we’re out on the town and being amazing at how fast it was.

  2. XNO is fairly large so I’d say Chintai or CHEX, this is the coin that will run the Chintai platform that will try to take some of the multi trillion dollar tokenisation market (widely touted as the next multi trillion dollar market by current biggest hedge funds such as Blackrock check google), they just got both their market operator and capital market services licenses in singapore, are about to release tokenomics this month (maybe now after christmas tbh), so its already completely regulated, one of the only companies with these two licenses (even binance didnt get them), and already have big clients lining up, owners are v intelligent ex investment bankers that are completely against all the pumping going on with 0 product or real world value and the whole thing is PRO regulation and many months beyond others in this front, and the best thing its only like 15 mil market cap.. its gonna pop bigtime, they said when tokenomics comes out hopefully anytime now they are scaling their team and bringing on actual clients who they already have a big one of.. if you follow their two telegram channels for Chex price chat an Chintai announcements you can read all their current developments, the team and founders comment regularly, I actually know the guys through a friend and they are legit people. I’ve been waiting 2 years lol and bought in at 0.004 and the price now is 0.015 ish which is an insane bargain considering its almost 100% gonna go to $1. It has been to 0.1 before but everyone is waiting for real world release. Everyone is v confident in the group though we been.waiting so long its frustrating for.sure. But its all about to pop in the next few months. At the moment only insiders really know about it.

  3. PIAS is incredibly you won’t be disappointed. Everything they wrote in their whitepaper they’re slowly putting it into practice. They recently launched on MEXC. The devotion of the team and brilliance will make this project the envy of the crypto world.

  4. Cappasity:


    Cappasity is the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds and marketplaces.

    Now also with NFTs [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsPwUTVKelM&feature=emb_title](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsPwUTVKelM&feature=emb_title)


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