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what’s the correlation between seeds and backup of wallets?

I am actually new into this and I am trying a pockets to retailer my btc, I do know when i create a brand new pockets I get a seed to revive my crypto, however I already see some folks saying that it’s worthwhile to to backup of you pockets.

why? I really want to? I assumed that simply utilizing the seed (and password) I might get the crypto of my pockets it doesn’t matter what machine i am utilizing.


I am planning to make use of an older android with electrum/exodus or one thing else

4 thoughts on “what’s the correlation between seeds and backup of wallets?”

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  2. The seed phrase IS your backup. You need to store it safely, so that if something happens with your software wallet device or hardware wallet, you will be able to use the seed phrase to restore the wallet and access your BTC.

    You will be able to use the seed phrase to restore your wallet on a new device. So you need to make sure nobody else has access to your seed phrase because then they could restore your wallet and take your coins. Never store the seed phrase in a digital manner. No pics of it, don’t type it in text. Always write it on paper, or even better, stamp it into a piece of metal.

  3. A seed is a human readable representation of your private key. They were implemented to make storing your private key in a non digital format for backup easier. For most beginners it is recommended to store your seed with pencil and paper. That is your backup but you can keep more than one copy. You can take the time to memorize it so that your wallet is in your head always but don’t rely simply on your memory. For long term storage of your seed you should stamp it onto metal. As long as you have your seed, you can restore access to your bitcoin using most open source wallets that support BIP 39. But remember, anyone else who has your seed can do the same so keep it safe and never store it digitally (except for a hardware wallet), never take a picture of it, don’t even speak it out loud since we never know what device might be listening (or watching).


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