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What’s the finest place to find out about Bitcoin?

I have been studying lots of totally different assets on-line and can not seem to wrap my head round how this know-how works and what the easiest way is to purchase, retailer, and use Bitcoin. I am misplaced within the terminology of ledgers, wallets, chilly storage, keys, phrases, seeds, and the like.

What’s the finest useful resource out there if I am prepared to dedicate 10+ hours to grasp Bitcoin?

19 thoughts on “What’s the finest place to find out about Bitcoin?”

  1. I’ve been finding a few podcasts, because it’s perfect for my job- I get to do remedial work whilst learning! I just don’t have time outside of work, with my house reno, to read or watch stuff.

    •Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell
    •Crypto News Alers with Justin Verrengia
    •What Bitcoin did with Peter McCormack
    •The Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano
    •The Bitcoin Network Podcast with Corey & Demetrick
    •The Bitcoin Standard Podcast with Dr. Saifedean Ammous
    •The Coin Bureau Podcast
    •The Bitcoin Collective with Jordan Walker & Jim Duffy (my favourite)

    I’ve listed a few podcasts above that I listen to, but there’s a load more, and you may find some easier to get into than others. I quite like the Bitcoin Collective- just a couple of dudes from Dundee, who set up the UK’s first Bitcoin Conference, and they are a once a week podcast and easy listening.
    Everything is explained, and it led me into the journey, so may be of use?!

    Hope this helps!

  2. Download mobile wallet apps like Bluewallet, Electrum, mycellium, coinomi and explore with them. Read their various FAQs. Use them to learn how to generate and store your seeds safely , learn how to restore same seed on different wallet apps.

  3. Enjoy the rabbit hole! 😀

    It took me a couple hundred hours to understand Bitcoin and I still find new things every now and then. It’s way more complex than what many people think but it’s really worth spending some time to study it.

    Other users have already provided you with plenty of material to check so what I am going to do is give you a piece of advice. Keep your mind open because Bitcoin puts together many disciplines including information technology, physics, cryptography and economics. Be ready to have your mind blown when you learn about Proof-Of-Work and the difficulty adjustment.


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