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Whats the optimum quantity of most provide for a Coin?

This got here to my thoughts early this week and I can not cease serious about it.

There may be some sort of psychology behind this. Attracting various kinds of goal teams.


1. Tremendous low provide cash with excessive value every. as little as 8.000 cash solely

They purpose to be a luxurious coin, It isn’t straightforward to carry one complete factor of it. So holding solely a
fraction of it may well feels good. No instance named as a result of I do not need to shill these. They have an inclination to
have zero to no usecase and are extra like a retailer of worth.


2. The golden center aka Bitcoin – 21.000.000 max provide

just like primary however with an precise use case. Nothing actually so as to add right here. Everyone knows BTC.


3. The Billions – ETH, DOT, ATOM – max provide round 100.000.000 to [](

Most used variation of provide alternative. Versatile in each approach.


4. The attempting to be low cap cash – DOGE, SHIBA

The precise reverse of Nr. 1. These purpose to draw degens who LOVE to carry thousands and thousands of cash.

i.e. Shitcoins with no actual use case and rugpulls.

26 thoughts on “Whats the optimum quantity of most provide for a Coin?”

  1. Honestly it doesn’t really matter other than it’s psychological impact on retail clients (and maybe the practicality of applications if there are loads of 0s).

    The important thing is tokenomics. How is that supply distributed and when.

  2. The absolute supply is a trivial stat. What IS important is how it’s distributed. If, say, 50% is reserved for VC’s and early investors, RUN.

    Tokenomics is about this distribution, and is super important in deciding if a project isn’t gonna get dumped on when things get rough *cough* SOL *cough*.

  3. I don’t think it really matters tbh. The ‘price’ will just adjust accordingly to the supply, and everyone can buy fractions of it. If it goes 10% up from your buy price your profits will be the same.

    That being said, the main issue is actually whether the coin is **inflationary/constant/deflationary**, and by how much.

  4. If you’re an idiot sure.

    In stocks the number of shares matter because revenue turns into dividends potentially.

    The same should be true for crypto. And in well designed projects this is the case. It’s a good place to start if you want to identify the sustainable projects from the riftraf.

    Projects should provide an ROI and that ROI should come from a known source (generally fees from using the platform).

  5. That’s a good question, you’re right psychologically it does have an impact.

    I would say that between 100M and 10B is quite good because if the coin is successful enough, you have a realistic push towards $1 per coin. And there is something satisfying in that because we grew up with fiat.

    Like with a 1B market cap on a 1B supply coin you achieve that 1:1 equivalence that’s satisfying but also if it keeps growing, you are still in a range that’s relatable. We’ve all held coins or notes worth 2, 5 or $10.

    Maybe that’s just me though

  6. You can immediately discount any coin with a supply in the hundreds of billions, or even trillions. These only exist to scam retail investors into thinking they can get rich when SPACEDOGE or ELONJIZZ goes from 0.000006 cents to $1.

  7. The sweet spot from a psychology perspective I believe is one that puts the price at between 1c and $1

    However the DOGE method is also good, as you can buy thousands and feel rich

  8. given that we can do fractions of any coin/token, it doesnt matter. Hell, there can be a Bigcoin where total supply is 1 coin and we just hold 0.000000000001 BGC or some shit

  9. >4. The trying to be low cap coins – DOGE, SHIBA
    >The exact opposite of Nr. 1. These aim to attract degens who LOVE to hold millions of coins.

    This is the way. People with no understanding of math will calculate how rich they might be if this coin hits $1

  10. In reality it doesn’t matter but I expect projects with huge max supply are attractive to moonboys and inexperienced investors. The amount of times I’ve heard ‘ what if my shitcoin that I hold 10million of reaches 1$ one day?’

  11. 1 coin is the ultimate supply so there is no room for toxic “whole coiner” stuff. Also it’s funny because it confuses stupid people who can’t grasp the concept of buying a fraction of a coin.

  12. I think the price of the coin should be between 0,01 to 10$, so you don’t have to pay/send/receive small fraction of coin like Bitcoin or on the other hand billions or more.

    There’s a reason why currency we use is in denominations between 0,01 to 1000. It’s convenient to use and calculate.

    I don’t think total supply have any advantage, if you want more adoption and usage of coin.


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