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5 thoughts on “What’s the very best bitcoin pockets in the meanwhile?”

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  2. There is no such thing as “best” , There is a spectrum of really bad wallets to great ones , but of the great ones each are ideal for different purposes.

    For example , many hardware wallets are great for security but also impractical to use for casual shopping when a small balance in a hot wallet in your phone is more appropriate (especially if that wallet can send lightning transactions )

    Many people for this reason use at least 2-3 bitcoin wallets.

    Its almost always best to use non custodial open source wallets though and here are some lists




  3. Cold Card is the best hardware wallet. Blockstream Green is the best layer 1 phone wallet. Maybe Muun for lightning, or Strike/Cashapp for small amounts on lightning, as they’re custodial.


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