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What’s the way forward for doge?

I’ve about 4,000 USD price of doge and hold listening to some folks say maintain and a few promote. What do y’all assume?

18 thoughts on “What’s the way forward for doge?”

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  2. There is only one thing that makes any sense at all.


    Because this is the only way to make profits regardless of what prices do, and to drive your cost base down, eventually to zero.

    Anything else is just gambling. And as we’ve seen with the many disasters that have happened recently, the odds are stacked against you.

  3. I use as a savings. 20-50$ a month. Might sell half next bull run. Use half of that for debt and the next half to buy the bear market to follow. Rinse recycle repeat.

  4. I’m holding until retirement no matter the fluctuation along the way. If it works out it’ll be as if I had won a lottery. If not I will have still had a blast watching the ups and downs along the way and not having a worry in the world!

  5. I can’t say until when but hold for now. With all this Elon Twitter, do not be surprised if he does something to allow Twitter users to use doge for the monthly verification or whatever that thing is


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