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Why are folks shopping for Bitcoin or another crypto whereas they do not know the way to withdraw cash and even use trade?

I typically see questions in crypto teams, the way to withdraw to chilly pockets, which pockets why this why that? Why the f are you on this area if you do not know fundamental sh*t about crypto?

edit: Story was DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, be taught by yourself through youtube for those who make investments cash.

16 thoughts on “Why are folks shopping for Bitcoin or another crypto whereas they do not know the way to withdraw cash and even use trade?”

  1. That’s why you need to teach them how. Don’t criticize them cause they want to learn and be part of the movement. Remember it’s not us versus them but us versus the men in the shadow that set the rules to enslave us with their 9 to 5 to keep us dumb and ignorant.

  2. They ask questions because they are looking for answers.

    Why wouldn’t you just point these people in the right direction to obtain answers?

    Don’t you want massive adoption by everyone to have your own holdings go higher?

    Be kind and educate and reap the rewards later.

  3. Because they’re being told:

    “this the future, be part of it”

    and not:

    “here’s this half-fake, unstable shady thing that can go literally anywhere, try to learn everything about it and follow the news. still nothing will be guaranteed tho”

    Reality hits hard sometimes.

  4. A lot of people have a hard time convincing something outside of the legacy banking system. They think crypto is a fad and not money, when fiat money is made out of thin air.

  5. A lot of people play day trader in WSB. Some of them discovered Bitcoin after they used their Robinhood accounts to boost the Dogcoin price a few years ago. They only understand Bitcoin as “invest to make profit”. They only understand invest as “get account on exchange”

    > how to withdraw to cold wallet

    A few of them are asking this now because a large exchange collapsed. Most are still blissfully unaware

    > learn on your own via youtube

    They did. Most Bitcoin youtube tells people to keep their coins on an exchange. youtube is for fools

  6. Those ads made people feel buying crypto is so easy in exchanges just like buying shares, they thought those exchanges just like normal share brokers, well, that’s exchanges fault, exchanges never told people “not your key not your coin”, maybe in T&C but not in their ads. The general public don’t even know self custodial wallet is a thing or they have no knowledge to differentiate chains or they believe crypto is kinda like shares that individuals usually don’t hold by themselves. Also, it’s just too complex to some people to manage their own coins.

  7. Why are you even posting?

    It’s not like YouTube is a reliable source. People get scammed by YouTube tutorials all the time. If you want people to learn from YouTube, maybe find a playlist they can trust that’ll teach them the basics so they can’t be fooled.

    And “learn on your own via youtube” is bad financial advice in general. If you really can’t be bothered to educate someone, you should fall back on telling them to consult a financial advisor with experience in crypto. Not YouTube, at least unless you can refer them to a trustworthy channel.


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