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All other sites are scams – especially be wary of:

benumbs.cards & bennumb.cards & bennumbs.cards & benumb.cc & many more…

(it can be hard to notice the S and extra N if not careful.) 

Welcome to the real deal. 

Please bookmark this link — the other sites have simply copy/pasted our html and don’t actually have any cards to sell. 

They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

16 thoughts on “Why are the principles so strict right here?”

  1. Rules are here to keep people on the sub safe from scammers (who are everywhere, literally) and from being permanently banned by reddit. We have to follow the terms of service outlined by Reddit or the entire community gets removed with zero warning. Therefore, we have to remove content that violates Reddit’s content policy. We also have rules we enforce for the safety and well being of the entire community.

    I’m sure some subs have less restrictions, but those subs don’t last long, nor do they do much to keep their community safe from spam bots and scammers who take advantage of desperate people by posting nefarious links all over the sub. We also have to remove content that is harassing in nature and/or repetitive. No one wants to visit a sub that has the same questions asked over and over again. It’s not helpful, it’s not interesting.

    If you have any ideas on how to keep the community safe and to abide by the rules of Reddit, by all means… you are welcome to share them!

  2. Mainly because of the Reddit Content Policy Rule 7:

    > Keep it legal, and avoid posting illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions.

    And under ‘illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions’ falls:

    > Content is prohibited if it uses Reddit to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services.

    > You may not use Reddit to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services, including

    > – Firearms, ammunition, explosives, legally controlled firearms parts or accessories (e.g., bump stock-type devices, silencers/suppressors, etc.), or 3D printing files to produce any of the aforementioned;
    > – Drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, or any controlled substances (except advertisements placed in accordance with our advertising policy);
    > – Paid services involving physical sexual contact;
    > – Stolen goods;
    > – Personal information;
    > – Falsified official documents or currency
    > – Fraudulent services

    >When considering a gift or transaction of goods or services not prohibited by this policy, keep in mind that Reddit is not intended to be used as a marketplace and takes no responsibility for any transactions individual users might decide to undertake in spite of this. Always remember: you are dealing with strangers on the internet.


  3. /r/darknetmarkets probably has less strict rules and it was banned. So now everyone thinks this is a /darknetmarkets replacement and so they post a ton of questionable stuff here that they probably posted there. I’d like this sub to be about technology first and foremost so I made up rules to try to push the content in that direction and away from /darknmetarkets as much as possible.

  4. yea dude these guys messaging the mods and were telling everyone to report me to try and get me banned because i called this guy an idiot. meanwhile hes listing off all my post history and why im such a junkie that nobody should listen to instead of addressing my arugments. not everyone is but some people are such snowflakes these days and if they cant prove you wrong then they try to get you “canceled” on reddit


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