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25 thoughts on “Why are you continue to holding IOTA?”

  1. It is a unique technology and with many use cases when it is ready. Despite all the problems they’ve had and without marketing, it’s still in the top 100. I’ll be worried about the day they stop developing updates. I think 2023-2024 are decisive

  2. EBSI, Ensuresec, Project Alvarium. Low / no fees. Progress on Shimmer, Assembly. I think as far as real world projects go IOTA is top 5 in the entire crypto space. It hasn’t been a great investment so far (I bought most of mine at around $0.13 back in early 2017 so I’m doing fine), but I think eventually it will be one of the most used cryptos.

  3. I feel like they’re the only project taking their time and avoiding hype. It hasn’t made for tantalizing price movements but I am more and more confident in the team. It’ll come to fruition one day and I’ll be there for it

  4. Money does not lead the IF (Clearly as the token price is shot).These are some of the smartest people in the space, they’re not earning millions but some should be given their skill-set. They all keep pushing because they believe in their technology and in the community they’re trying to build. The IF wants to carve its name in stone, not in sand. They’re here for the long haul and so am I so long as there is progress which there is.


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