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Why did bitcoins worth fall?

I perceive with rising rates of interest and incoming recession how that lowered the value. However the FTX scandal. Certainly realizing billions of cash invested in Bitcoin which has now disappeared and by no means really was in Bitcoin, would imply there are individuals on the market desirous to put money into the actual factor, and with elevated demand now it’s going to if something improve the value.

Why did it fall if numerous cash vanished, that was by no means really in BTC within the first place?

I imply, for the value to decrease there have to be promoting stress however who would really promote now? Certainly any true BTC believer is shopping for now, not promoting at a low worth.

12 thoughts on “Why did bitcoins worth fall?”

  1. I guess this kind of events scares people.

    If I did not know how to self custody and had assets on CEXs, I’d probably sell after learning such a shit show was even possible. But hey, it’s only a guess, I’m not the one selling.

  2. ftx had a huge tokeniszed illegal stock of gamestonks of like 400m shares when only 76m shares existed in jan 26th 2021 and someone even put it on etherscan io. “THIS IS A RUG PULL”

    that poistion never had a single withdrawl for over nearly 2years… lol

    and who created the wallets… SBF himself with swizternalnd debit suisse? whoknows im just a smooth brainape…. knowing the future and all… on knotsrepus\r


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