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Why do Cardano transactions continually fail on Coinbase? Is one thing improper along with your nodes?

Appears almost each time I make a withdraw from this platform there may be an error. One hour later I get the notification my funds have returned, and appears to often work on the second strive.

This isn’t one thing to do with the Cardano community, which is, and has been, working simply high quality. However I’ve observed this constant error because the Vasil improve. Is every part up to date correctly at Coinbase? Ought to I make the bounce to Kraken? Their system appears to have extra dependable efficiency. Thanks upfront


updating to the most-recent app model appears to have resolved this challenge, simply in case anybody else is dealing with an identical scenario

4 thoughts on “Why do Cardano transactions continually fail on Coinbase? Is one thing improper along with your nodes?”

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  2. Hello u/diarpiiiii! I’m sorry to hear that you have continued to experience issues with your Cardano transactions. This is definitely not the user experience we want you to have. If you could please try the following steps to see if they help with this issue, we’d greatly appreciate that: https://help.coinbase.com/en/coinbase/other-topics/troubleshooting-and-tips/app-troubleshooting If your issue persists, please reach back out and we’d be happy to investigate this further for you.


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