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Why does BTC goes down, when it is being offered?

So I’ve been questioning why does BTC goes down, when a whale, who holds a considerable amount of Bitcoins, sells it? What I imply is, when someone sells it – someone buys it. It isn’t like BTC or different crypto dissappear? It is nonetheless exists, however a holder in that case can be an change and even one other particular person. So why does it make any distinction in value?

17 thoughts on “Why does BTC goes down, when it is being offered?”

  1. It works like any other currency or market value. If people have fear they will sell more and at lower prices making the overall price drop because others will prefer to buy the lower price making a snowball effect.

    If people have confidence in the asset then they will stop selling lowering the offer of the asset allowing the few people selling to up the price and others as it is in high demand and little offer will buy it at higher prices.

    Its basic economy

  2. If someone’s is trying to sell 10,000 Bitcoin, the supply becomes higher than the demand i.e. there’s 500 people only wanting to buy one each….the price will drop to attract more buyers to fill the order.

  3. Some want to buy at current price, others want to wait and buy at lower prices. This makes up the buy-side of an order book. When someone sells, they have to be filled by these buy-side orders.

    If someone wants to sell 10 BTC at 16600$, but there is only 5 BTC buy-side liquidity at that price and the next 5 BTC only wants to buy for 16500$, then a market sell of 10 BTC will push that order book down to 16500$ to find enough buyers for that sell order.

  4. At any given time there is an order book with two sides and current price (last sale price) in the middle.

    Stacked on one side are people offering to buy bitcoin for X price below the current (last sale) price.

    Stacked on the other side are people looking to sell bitcoin for X price above the current (lady sale) price.

    When someone sells they have the option to name their price (a limit sell) which adds it to the “I’m selling” side of order book which is higher than the current price. They might have to wait some time before the price reaches their price or it may never reach that price in which case they don’t make a sale.

    Or someone selling can do a “market” sale where they dump their coins and “eat into” the “I’m buying” side of the order book which is lower than the current price. This is them taking whatever prices are listed and as the offers are lower than current price this makes price go down.

  5. For everyone giving OP crap about “supply and demand, this is basic!!”. Everyone is new to investing at some point. Asking questions to learn is a part of life. Relax, y’all aren’t as important as you think you are.

  6. Its ironic how many smartass answers there are that dont even answer OPs question.

    OP, what youre missing is that the price is dependent on the order book of the exchange youre using. When youre using an exchange, selling and buying bitcoin isnt exactly peer to peer. The price is based on whats on the exchange/their order book, not the network as a whole (and thats where supply & demand comes into play).

    Building on that, the reason all exchanges have relatively the same price is because of arbitrage. If someone has BTC on exchange A and sees they can sell it for a considerably higher price on exchange B than what its valued at on exchange A, they’ll transfer it to exchange B and sell. So it all balances out

  7. The price doesn’t fall because people are selling, it falls because more people are *trying* to sell than to buy.

    You’re right that there are always exactly as many people buying as there are selling. When people talk about the price going down because people are selling, they really mean that it’s going down because lots of people *want* to sell.

  8. This is extremely basic supply and demand. You shouldn’t be investing yet if you’re asking this question. Do some learning/reading and come back in a month


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