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Why is Unstoppable pockets not fashionable?

So I simply downloaded unstoppable pockets to try it out and it appears nice. Properly maintained, reproducible, open-source, appears to verify all bins.

Nevertheless, it is extremely seldomly really helpful on this sub and I used to be questioning why

5 thoughts on “Why is Unstoppable pockets not fashionable?”

  1. WassaWassaWassup! Scam Alert! Scammers are particularly active on this sub. They operate via private messages and private chat. If you receive private messages, be extremely careful. Use the **report** link to report any suspicious private message to Reddit.

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  2. Very wide attack surface . Supporting all those insecure scams allows for a much greater chance of exploits or bugs that can lead to privacy or monetary loss . Every added line of code, every additional dependency and library adds to a wallets attack surface

  3. It’s a shitcoin wallet. You should be looking for a bitcoin only wallet where you know the developers were focused solely on the security of your bitcoin and not trying to figure out how many shitcoins they can support. A wallet like this greatly opens up your attack surface.


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