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39 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Sam Bankman-Fried Behind Bars But?”

  1. Bankruptcy alone is no crime – and a judge will decide what crimes he committed, not Reddit or Twitter.

    Anf then of course the fact that he is hiding on the Bahames where things might be “cleared up” in a different way…

  2. He should be behind bars forever. The evidence is overwhelming that he knowingly committed fraud. He admitted this through his own social media posts. SBF or anyone at FTX would never have stolen from me face to face and lived to tell about it. Instead he’s a fucking coward that steals from people over the internet. The new CEO of FTX also seems like a thieving douchebag for his lack of clarity.

  3. It takes a long time to build a case like this. If there is going to be a Federal indictment it’s probably going to be hundreds if not thousands of charges and it’s going to be a rather airtight case

  4. First, because investigations take time as do prosecutions

    Second, it’s the crypto wild west. It’s not stock market or managed funds. Remember everyone was voluntarily giving him money using their own free will throwing internet shit coins at him.

    Third, good lawyers has he.

  5. You want these people locked up quickly? Then get used to regulations.

    There’s a difference between a stock Ponzi and mismanaging crypto funds.

    The crypto community wants this guy in jail. But non crypto people just look at this as “Crypto idiots losing money” there’s no public outrage like when Madoff was caught.

    Also he broke very specific securities law and confessed to his kids who then promptly told the FBI.

    There’s a huge difference between the cases.

    Hopefully SBF will still be arrested but it’s not going to happen overnight.

  6. I’m no expert on international law by any means…but probably because one country can’t just go into another country and arrest someone, there is jurisdictional procedure in which needs followed. The same people asking why he hasn’t been arrested would be up in arms if the US just started going into Germany and arresting people without any oversight…THERE ARE INTERNATIONAL LAWS THAT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED.

  7. Because the right people in Bahamas are paid off…There is a reason why he resided and ran his unregulated business there. Stupid and some very smart people lost their money ignoring red flags due to greed and FOMO.

  8. You can do whatever you want if you share profits with regulators and authorities.

    You can do absolutely nothing if you do not share profits with regulators and authorities.

    It is known as crony capitalism, and it is one of the reasons why decentralization is necessary.

  9. democrats. look at the committee they put together to investigate this.

    ran by maxine waters. lol she has everything to lose if he goes down too.

    she blew him a kiss for christs sake.

  10. My guess is they want his (former?) GF in custody so they can play Let’s Make A Deal in exchange for her testimony against him. They may also be trying to locate where he stashed all the stolen funds before moving in for an arrest.

    From what I understood, the Feds found out Curly and his orgy crew were going to try to flee to Dubai so they could not be extradited. The Feds then contacted the UAE who agreed to deny them entry and would send them directly back to the U.S. if any of them showed up at their border.

    It was widely reported that the Bahamian authorities have him under constant surveillance and have likely confiscated his passport. Once the U.S. builds their case against him, he will be shipped back home to face the music. Remember, Kenny Lay was a best friend of George “Dubya” Bush and that wasn’t enough to shield him from the fallout over Enron, and Curly has even less to offer his political buddies than Lay did. You’re living in a fantasy world if you think you are going to blatantly swindle billions from institutional investors and walk away scot-free simply because you gave money to the Democrats.


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