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9 thoughts on “Why Sam Bankman-Fried Faces NO CRIMINAL CHARGES For the Downfall of FTX…”

  1. If you don’t break any laws, you generally don’t get convicted of anything.

    If you bend some laws, then it comes down to line calls by the umpires.

    Case in point. The guy that raped Brittany in Parliament House was let off the hook yesterday. Not because he didn’t do it. Because all the attention has put her health at risk, and the DPP didn’t want to make her situation worse.

    Sometimes justice can look really strange.

    As for SBF, time will tell how it all works out. Probably not well, I’d say.

  2. He was a pawn of something much bigger, call it “Spector” and they wanted to crush the crypto market and make these young crypto investors that made it big poor and integrated back into the system.


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