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Why would not trezor assist alt coin storage?

I personal a trezor one and I’m making an attempt to maneuver a few of my alt cash from Binance BUT sadly Trezor does not assist altcoins and there appears to be no approach round it. Love the system however one thing must be achieved about this. does not appear proper.

4 thoughts on “Why would not trezor assist alt coin storage?”

  1. The private keys on a Trezor are never exposed, so any processes for a coin that use the private keys (such as signing a transaction) must be implemented on the device itself by the Trezor developers.

    Trezor does support a long list of coins, but with thousands of different coins, it might be a while before Trezor gets around to supporting yours.

  2. You buy Trezor for a big stack of money. If you have big money in altcoins which are not supported by Trezor, you are doing it wrong.
    Convert those altcoins to Bitcoin and thank Trezor for not encouraging your shitcoinery..


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