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Withdrawing from coinbase should give recipient particulars

If I need to switch BTC from my coinbase account, I need to give a reputation, function of switch and a deal with. The small print are: “As a result of nationwide laws, extra data is required. Submitting inaccurate data could lead to a processing delay or cancellation of your transaction”. I’ve by no means seen this how do you guys deal with this? My predominant thought was ship it to a random pockets after which switch it to personal of my predominant ones…

10 thoughts on “Withdrawing from coinbase should give recipient particulars”

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  2. This is the second iteration of the FATF cryptocurrency travel rule. It must have been implemented recently. The obvious response is that you should only withdraw from your exchange account to your own wallet, and since the exchange already has your identity details, it does no harm to tell them you’re sending the coins to yourself

    Purpose of transfer: long term saving, buying birthday gifts, paying annual VPN fee, buying another penthouse in the Bahamas. Nobody can advise you about this, because you’re not telling how much. They’re not going to believe an annual VPN fee costs 10 BTC

    They’re collecting the information because money-laundering laws (as agreed in the international FATF meetings) want to track Bitcoin. The information is not reported outside the exchange unless law enforcement asks for it. Law enforcement might ask for information about Bitcoin you’re sending to other people from your Coinbase account. They’re not interested in Bitcoin you send from your wallet to another person’s wallet. One of the comments in the FATF papers claims that they can use blockchain analysis services to track on-chain P2P transactions

    For completeness, the first FATF travel rule requires exchanges to report and store both the recipient’s details and the sender’s details when people send Bitcoin from an exchange account to an account in a different exchange. That is, exchanges are sharing their customers’ details with each other for every exchange-to-exchange transaction, without telling the customers

  3. Not saying the following is connected,but I think I saw something about EU regulation change, in that an exchange has to KYC any external wallet address that it sends crypto to. I think this came about particularly during the start of the Ukraine war, to mitigate breaking of tariffs against Russia.

    But feel free to look it up if you want to be sure. Assuming this is what you are experiencing, I think your plan makes sense and is legal – as the rule applies to the exchange.


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