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Would possibly Sound Dumb – The place to Purchase BTC?

This would possibly sound dumb however I can not purchase BTC with out going to a BTC atm or ready days for verification. Does anybody have suggestions on the place to purchase it safely with debit / credit score / financial institution?

38 thoughts on “Would possibly Sound Dumb – The place to Purchase BTC?”

  1. I use Moonpay sometimes and send it straight to my cold storage or if you have a Paypal and a Coinbase account, you can use your Paypal to buy off Coinbase and transfer to cold storage from there. All the exchanges are a little risky now from what Im seeing so its really your call. Good luck.

  2. This may be frowned upon but I use Coinbase. I’m buying/trading/moving often so I pay the $30/month for their advanced trading features. That’s the only fee you pay for any txs, besides any gas/network fees.

    I buy and move to cold storage immediately – unless I’m loading up the CB debit card.

  3. Kraken. Low fees (just don’t use their instant buy feature), great customer support, tremendously secure site architecture. The best they literally encourage self-custody which in my view is a tremendously good statement by an exchange.

  4. For cash [Agoradesk](https://agoradesk.com/?rc=htg1) would be my recommendation. Way cheaper than bitcoin ATMs and you actually interact with a human. Electronically you’re either stuck wiring money or waiting several days for an ACH to clear. Kraken works fine for that. With debit and credit cards the limits are usually low and the fees are expensive.

  5. It’s not a dumb question right now. It’s become a cautious thing over the last month and a lot of people are avoiding exchanges. coinbase, however, is a great place to get started. I’ve moved everything out of binance for now just in case – until it settles it’s lawsuits

  6. Which country?

    For most developed countries, probably Coinbase. Just remember to move your satoshis elsewhere after purchasing.

    For countries where the main exchanges don’t operate, use [localbitcoins.com](https://localbitcoins.com), but also remember to withdraw to a non-custodial wallet after the purchase.


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