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30 thoughts on “You do not have to love the man, however he isn’t incorrect.”

  1. This is why the price of BTC doesn’t matter. We’re already at a point where you may not be able to spend your own “money”.

    I’ll keep buying; it’s the lifeline.

  2. Listen he should get his finances in order. If his adidas stuff was so intermingled that that an action they took could freeze something so close to him. That’s his problem.

  3. Umm… Adidas can’t “freeze his bank account”. Sounds like they took back some form of advance payment and it over drew his account. Kanye needs to get his finances in orderz

  4. Always the victim. The truth is Ye burns cash irresponsibly and then wants to blame everyone else. He is a mess and this is his fault. He said he could do whatever he wants and now learns there are consequences to his actions. Boohoo!

  5. Lol Alex jones …. has to pay almos 1 billion after he lost his legal battle…. so yes his assets are going to be seized. …

    And maybe he is talking about his business account with adidas…
    This video is just plain BS. ImO

  6. This guy is an idiot if he thinks Adidas has control over a personal checking account. He is either full of shit or he was trying to spend Adidas’ money from Adidas’ account… which still makes no sense to me.

  7. grew up a kanye stan but no, i dont believe adidas froze his checking account lol also, kanye knows about bitcoin and spoke about it in 2018, he would use bitcoin if he wanted to

  8. My guess is he probably has a personal line of credit that is underwritten by his net worth. After adidas cancelled his contract, his net worth was no longer enough to justify the line. If the line was advanced, Chase probably froze his accounts bc his personal line of credit no longer had collateral.

  9. You know it’s incredibly concerning when banks are involved in people’s controversies when they are only suppose to hold your money. They’ve started to shut down people who hold different views and this was predicted all along.

    Edit: The part that struck me is that a judge can freeze your assets. You need to stay in line. Think about that for a second.


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