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[YourPharm] Ketamine S-Isomer – BACK IN STOCK ($45/g)! [US-US]

What’s going on enveryone?

We just got our Ket listings back up.


  • Ketamine S-Isomer ($45/g) – (/listing?id=43749)

AlphaBay Profile: /vendor_store?u=yourpharm


  • Ketamine S-Isomer X 1g ($45/g) – (/listings/a7c9qVMM6xchFwGh)

Incognito Profile: /vendor/YourPharm


  • Ketamine S-Isomer X 1g ($45/g) – (/listing/41a9176e-975c-4796-b0b1-1642825df35e)

ASAP Profile: /profile/view/6428c8e9-44d2-46c3-9264-8f541700e773


Our Ket S-Isomer (needle) is extremely high quality and reagent tested to ensure there are no unexpected harmful adulterants.

For those of you that haven’t heard of us before, we are YourPharm. Our main products are Ketamine and Amphetamine (Speed powder). We have been vending on quite a few markets (most notably WhiteHouse), but we are currently on AlphaBay,Incognito, and ASAP. You can check out our previous feedback on Recon (/vendor/0xBB82EE5867028549); we also have quite a few reviews on various subdreads. For stock updates check out our subdread /d/YourPharm.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can shoot us a message on here or the market.

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